YA Author Maggie Hall. The Conspiracy of Us, Map of Fates.Hello! I'm Maggie Hall. I'm a YA writer. 

My debut novel THE CONSPIRACY OF US, which features scheming and code-breaking, Paris and Istanbul, and forbidden love and fate, came out from Putnam/Penguin in 2015, with the second in the trilogy, MAP OF FATES, following in 2016.

I've just come back to Albuquerque, NM after a year of traveling around the world with my husband. 

<--- (My author photo right here was taken on a beach in Morocco.) 

When I'm home, you can usually find me DIY-ing something off Pinterest, or learning to cook new, delicious things, or watching USC football. (Fight on!)

I've stopped blogging at my writing blog, but you can find me elsewhere: 
-Chat with me on Twitter, at @MaggieEHall
-Find travel and cat and food photos on my Instagram at @maggieehall
-Check out book news, Conspiracy series fan art, and fangirl-y goodness on my tumblr
-See my writing Pinterest board (and a bunch of foodie and design boards) on my Pinterest
-Read about my round-the-world adventures on our travel blog (where my husband does most of the blogging) at It's Adventure Time

Contact me at maggiehallbooks(at)gmail.com or on Twitter at @MaggieEHall 
For rights information, please contact Claudia Ballard at William Morris Endeavor at: cballard_asst(at)wmeentertainment.com
Maggie Hall, author of Conspiracy of Us and Map of Fates