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I am getting everything together to be mailed out as fast as I can. As soon as things are ready, you'll receive the deleted scene in your email, and the rest of the swag via postal mail. If you're the grand prize winner, I'll contact you via email so you know to be expecting it! 

(Not-necessarily-pre-) Order Campaign!
I want to give you things for reading The Ends of the World!

This isn't your normal "pre-order" campaign. This is a giveaway for anyone (yes, anyone!) who posts a review of The Ends of the World on a retail site within one month of the book's release.

If you review THE ENDS OF THE WORLD on a retail site by August 18, 2017, I will send you a swag pack that includes:
-An exclusive new signed bookplate, to make your book a signed copy!
-New signed bookmarks!
-Conspiracy of Us and Map of Fates swag, while supplies last!
-An exclusive deleted scene!

each entry has a chance to win:
-One of five semifinal prizes: Paris postcards straight from the source. (I got them just for you guys last time I was in France!)
-One Grand Prize: All of the above, plus two notebooks for your writing or note-taking or drawing, plus a replica of Avery's locket from the Conspiracy books!


Review THE ENDS OF THE WORLD on a retail site by 11:59 PM ET on August 18, 2017 and fill out the form below. That's all! Everyone who does so will be sent a swag pack and be entered for a chance to win the larger prizes. Open international. For more FAQs, including rules of where reviews can be posted, please see below.
*Please note: retail sites open for reviews the day the book comes out. If you can't post yet, that's why! And that's why you have a month to do it after the book comes out!*
Here’s the form to enter. If it doesn’t load for some reason, click here.

***Please note: By entering your information on the form above, you are confirming that you are either over age 13 or have a parent's permission to enter. You are also giving the contest administrator (Maggie Hall) license to email you and to mail you the prizes. 


So...I don't have to actually BUY the book to get the swag?
No. I would love if you did, of course. (Pre-orders are an author's best friend--and a reader's too!) But if you can't, that's okay! You can get it from the library! Or borrow it from a friend! (Please don't download illegally--that's bad for everybody.) Anyone who reads and reviews within the 1 month timeframe will get the swag, regardless of how you procured the book. (Which means that if you're a library reader, you could think about requesting now, so you'll be sure to have it on time. Did you know you can request any book from your library--hardcover or ebook--and they very well might buy it for the library system? Try it! For most library systems, if you look up a book they don't have, there will be an option to request it. If not, Request is likely an option elsewhere.)

Can I post my review for the giveaway on Goodreads?
No, sorry. Only **RETAIL** sites—like Amazon or Barnes and Noble—count. I would love you to post Goodreads reviews, or Instagram reviews, but these do not count for this giveaway. (But you can post on GR and then repost to a retail site, no problem!)

Are there any restrictions on the reviews?
Not at all. They can be as short or as long as you want--and I hope it goes without saying, but the content doesn't matter. (I won't even know--I won't be reading the reviews. So obviously, please feel free to write whatever you want!) All reviews are helpful for other readers to decide if they want to read the book, and that's the whole point of this giveaway.

Can I enter more than once?
Yes! You must review ENDS to be part of the giveaway campaign, but if you want extra swag (like a bookplate to put in each book in the series!) and extra entries into the drawing for the bigger prizes, you can also review CONSPIRACY and MAP OF FATES on retail sites. If your reviews for those are already up on retail sites from previous years, it does count! 

Do I have to link to my review(s)?
No! We're doing this on the honor system.  

What if I can't review on a retail site?
You usually can--you do not have to have purchased the book on those sites to review there. (And as a lover of indie bookstores, I'd love if you purchase it from one of them! Unfortunately, most of them do not have review sites online.) To review on Amazon or B&N, you just make an account, regardless of where you made your purchase. But if there is really a problem, email me and we can work something out.

Is it open internationally?
Yes! It's open to anyone and everyone.